A place for game audio

Worked as Lead Audio Artist on areas related to dialogue on the following titles:

Battlefield V
Star Wars Battlefront II
Battlefield 1 Premium
Battlefield 1
Star Wars Battlefront Premium (Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, Rogue One, X-Wing VR Mission)
Star Wars Battlefront
Battlefield Hardline Premium (Criminal Activity, Robbery, Getaway, Betrayal)
Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield 4 Premium (China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth, Final Stand)
Battlefield 4
Crysis 3 - Downloadable Content
Crysis 3
Medal of Honor Warfighter
Battlefield 3 Premium (Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath, End Game)
Battlefield 3
Crysis 2
The Sims Medieval
Monopoly Streets
Mass Effect 2 - Downloadable Content
Mass Effect 2
Skate 2
Skate It
Burnout Paradise - Downloadable Content
G.I. Joe
Burnout Paradise
Medal of Honor Heroes II
NBA Live 08
Rugby 08
The GodFather
SSX Blur
Lord of the Rings: Battle for the Middle Earth II - The Rise of the Witch King
Lord of the Rings: Battle for the Middle Earth II
Lord of the Rings: Battle for the Middle Earth (Russian)

Collaborated on the projects below providing support on additional tasks related to dialogue, namely recording consultancy, editing, post-production, mastering and integration:

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
Alice: Madness Returns
Dragon Age 2
Medal of Honor 2010
NHL 11
EA Sports Active 2.0
Dragon Age Origins - Leliana's Song
NBA Live 09
NBA Live 10
Army of Two
Medal of Honor Airborne
Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix
C&C3: Tiberium Wars
UEFA Champions League 07
Superman Returns
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

Collaborated crafting original custom recordings on the following projects:

Recorded Mediterranean Sea & Pacific Ocean ambiences for DICE's audio team during BattleField 4.
Directed and recorded Walla for their use by Danger Close Games on MOH Warfighter.
Captured train station and hospital ambiences for their use by Danger Close Games on MOH Warfighter.
Carried out fireworks recordings used by DICE’s audio team on BattleField 3.
Crowd recordings carried out for their use by EAC’s audio team for FIFA09 and NBA Live 10.

Worked on the Spanish versions for the following titles:

IceWind Dale II - Dialogue Editor
Pit to Driver - Dialogue Editor
Lara Croft Tomb Raider III - Dialogue Editor
Brute Force - Dialogue Editor
Red Card - Dialogue Editor
Ratchet & Clank - Dialogue Editor
The Getaway - Recording Engineer
Conflict: Desert Storm - Dialogue Editor
King Kong - Dialogue Editor
Original War - Dialogue Editor
Eve of Extintion - Dialogue Editor
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen2 - Dialogue Editor
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 - Dialogue Editor
Mad Dash - Dialogue Editor
Silent Bomber - Dialogue Editor
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - Dialogue Editor
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - Dialogue Editor
IceWind Dale - Dialogue Editor
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at war - Dialogue Editor
Giants: Citizen Kabuto - Dialogue Editor
Toca World Touring Car - Dialogue Editor
Land Before Time - PSX - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Louvre: La maldición final - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Age of Empires II - The Conquerors - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Pro Pilot '99 - The complete flight simulator - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Half-Life - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
F18 F.F.A.A Korea - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Diablo Hellfire - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
StarCraft: Brood War - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
PC Futbol 7 – Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Fields of Fire - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor
Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp - Recording Engineer / Dialogue Editor