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Sound and dialogue lead with over 15 years of industry experience and 100+ published game titles, most of them working at Electronic Arts. Although I have worked in VO for almost every other genre, from sports to fantasy games, my work has been often connected to international versions and FPS titles. So if you have ever played to any titles from the Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Crysis franchises in any other language than English, there's a chance I broke something around.

Aside from the VO work, in which I believe there's still lots of things to do and walls to tear down, I enjoy collaborating with any other audio disciplines of this marvelous field whenever I have a chance. Other than that I love to dig in anything related to acoustics and field recording.

During the early to mid 2000's I had the luck to be part of the Elogoxa collective at the start of the SynthEdit phenomenon, which helped me to develop an interest in DSP algorithms.

In my spare time, I share my thoughts at samplingtheworld.org. Feel free to stop by and connect with some of my interests!

Should you be driving a cool project and are looking for a collaboration, just drop me a line!

Fernando San Nicolás

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